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Group micro-film success shooting

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City 118 news
In order to provide a more visual support of training for the stores in chain and give a better propaganda for City 118, we decided to produce a vividly micro-film operation with the news center of the group. The advantages of the micro-film is short show time, short shoot  time and low investment. So it is very suitable for promoting our enterprise and short-term training from time to time. Currently, the related work has been carried on in the
LaoShan branch of City 118 hotel chain.

To achieve the expectation, City 118 hotel chain propose a principle of “real shooting”, which requires  that  the training case is practical ,sothat the new employees and the new branch can receive a useful impartation for skills and experience and requires that  the promotional materials are objective which enable our customers, our franchisee and the society to know our real situation.

The shooting of micro-film of City 118 can stimulate the enthusiasm of our staff and benefit  the training of our staff and business advocacy. This activity will certainly help the City 118 hotel chains embarked  to achieve  a new level, and  realize our group goals.